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Even later we see another cult member treating the whip marks. Lesbian licking eating pussy. The shots of the whipping are all reaction shots or extreme close ups of a part of her back, and the marks are unnecessarily gruesome looking.

Pretty in Pink and Pain. Women whipped naked. Freya is put through her paces in some plenty uncomfortable positions. Maidens of Fetish Street - Wife catches husband in bed with another woman and whips her silly. Usual nun thing, they get in trouble and are questioned in torture chamber. Beastmaster, The - - We do not see a whipping here, but Marc Singer pulls Tanya Roberts' blouse down by her shoulder, sees her whip marks and says "They whip you like a beast" We really don't get to see anything in this scene, unfortunately.

We hardly see any whipping, and even if we did it wouldn't merit a look. The warden comes down and whips her with a bullwhip for a very long time as she says things like "How do you like that? Whip Cute Spanking Crop whip. True to their faith, they preached against professional ministers, restrictions on individual conscience, and the established customs of the church-ruled settlement. Still, the subtitles if they're correct are very interesting. Naked women with hairy legs. Whip Blonde Bdsm Pain Spanking.

Mongols, The - A girl is tortured with the whip. It gave period atmosphere to the decadence of l's Germany. I can't quite make out what they're saying because of the language, but one of the men takes out a stick and starts beating her with it, while the others look on and smile. Cry of a Prostitute - This Italian gangster film features a scene where a tough mafioso Henry Silva beats up a beautiful American prostitute Barbara Bouchetstarting with his fists, then removing his belt to give her a savage whipping.

She is tied facing the camera, and her reactions are fairly realistic. At the conclusion, he uses the belt buckle on her and finishes by raping her right there on the ground. She is topless, but her hair covers most of her back. Nicely acted, though the whipping and the whip are really fake looking. Outcast, The - Joan Evens is held by her brothers and given 7 lashes by her father before she breaks free and as she turns we see the whip marks on the back of her dress.

This is an excellent film, by the way, and is like a pulp novel come to life. A good looking woman asks Donald Sutherland to whip her ass with a small red whip.

Plus that, she's not even tied to a whipping post, she's just kneeling against a pole. Hetti bywater naked. When she's whipped, her shift is merely pulled down at the back, but for a couple of frames, one can see the garment slip off her shoulders, leaving her briefly naked to the waist.

Ornella Muti is strapped to a table in a backless lycra suit. Later, Nora-Jane shows off her scars to a young man. Headmistress - Like all David Freidman productions, the whipping in this one is fake looking, but the girl sure is cute.

I'm including a bonus cap of Bouchet's bloody and bruised face, which the film's advertising campaign used to promote the film. Although shot in low light, it's the best scene in the movie. The rest of the whipping scene shows her facial reactions, which are well acted. Whipping sluttty Sonja a Glowing Red Ass.

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Face it, the man's not one of us. Katy perry naked sex video. Glen or Glenda - Has a scene with a girl whipping another clothed girl on a couch. At the conclusion, he uses the belt buckle on her and finishes by raping her right there on the ground.

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But that's not all. The marks on her back are fairly realistic. Her feet are unbound. Busty babe in pussy whipping Harsh tit and pussy whipping Punished on the whipping block Amy is trussed like a chicken and subjected to a strapping How much more of this can roughed-up and raw Angie take?

The other woman isn't whipped, but has her private parts poked with a sword. Female Market - This has to be one of the most misogynistic movies ever made! The woman is really hot, though! Not really a whipping scene A young and beautiful widow Catherine Spaak dreams of being bullwhipped totally naked by her tennis teacher.

Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS - A woman is whipped alongside a man to show which of the sexes are stronger. Women whipped naked. Nerine is quite the pain slut who loves corporal punishment, all types of bondage, and wat Many marks appear probably chocolate since this is a black -and-white film.

Avoid it unless you're watching for the nudity. But what I saw was too short to be a real "classic one". Valory irene naked. Unfortunately, we only see a few scant seconds. But they said, 'set us free, or do according to thine order.

Great facial expressions and very believable screams. The Hangman's Daughter - Esmeralda played by gorgeous Ara Celi disobeys her own father after he asks her to leave in the midst of a public whipping. Was a nice dramatic moment though. You see the red marks. For ruth and chivalry only slept, His Saxon manhood the yeoman kept ; Quicker or slower, the same blood ran In the Cavalier and the Puritan.

Whip punished in torture rack Hot Lola loves to be punished Furious outdoor pussy whipping She is in a heinous inverted chair, her head and hands are bolted into boxes and to the fl Patriots - A woman is believed to have betrayed the IRA and is tortured. Whip Vintage Bdsm Amateur.

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